Messi reveals plans to return to life in Barcelona.

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Lionel Messi plans to bring his family back to live in Barcelona after ending his playing career. But it is not clear when this will happen.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Argentinian striker Lionel Messi revealed to ‘Dario Ole’ on Friday. Confirming his intention to bring his family back life in barcelona after his career ended. 

Messi moved from Argentina to Barcelona at the age of 13. After moving to La Masia training ground in 2000 until stepping up to the first team in 2004 and becoming a professional footballer. Best kick in club history. But due to financial difficulties. The Argentinian left Camp Nou in the summer of 2021 and signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain after that. 

Even Messi has been linked with Barcelona as his contract with PSG expires this summer. It is unclear whether the 35-year-old will return to Camp Nou, but he has confirmed he will return to life after retiring from football in Barcelona. which is like his home UFABET 

Messi confirmed his intentions.

‘When I ended my career I’m going back to live in Barcelona. It’s my home.’

Messi has won the most prestigious trophy after leading Argentina to the 2022 World Cup after beating defending champions France in the final. When asked about the items he kept from the final, Messi replied that he kept everything. 

‘I took everything from the final, the shoes, the T-shirt. Everything is the property of AFA (Argentine Football Association) and now in March. I’m going to take everything to Barcelona where I have my belongings and my memories.’

Messi also opened up about his ambitions with the Argentina national team. Although the 2026 World Cup is still a long way off, Messi has not finished this chapter. Because he still wanted to see his career progress after this. 

‘Because of my age, it’s difficult to do in 2026. I like to play football. And while I felt that I was in good shape and enjoying it I will continue to do it It seems like a long time until the next World Cup. But it depends on what my career path is like.’