How to play baccarat?

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The method of playing baccarat games is very similar to playing Pok Deng. will be a slight difference is In playing baccarat games. Players will not be able to decide for themselves whether to draw more cards or not. By the way, the main way to play is as follows.

Step 1 Players must enter the website to play bets. After entering the website must go to select a game and choose a room to place bets. To play baccarat games, players must place bets within the time specified by the website. About 20 – 25 seconds (if the time for placing bets is over, players will not be able to place bets. UFABET Must wait to place bets in the next round) In the game, players can choose to place all 19 types of bets together.

Step 2 After the betting time has expired. The dealer will begin dealing the cards, with both sides getting 2 equal cards. (which the player’s side always receives first) After both sides have received all 2 cards. If any side has 5 points or less than 5 points. Will receive 1 more card according to the rules of calling more cards or if the first 2 cards of any side have 9 points. That side will win the bet and the betting game. That round will end immediately after knowing the result of winning the game. The dealer will start a new game immediately. Which will open the time to place bets in the next turn.