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Reduce fat with traditional Thai science

Reduce fat with Thai traditional medicine Reducing fat is another health problem that has been around since the past until the present. Even in Thai traditional medicine textbooks There are also strategies for reducing fat with herbs. and Thai traditional medicine As for what to do? Let’s see together. High

Check quickly! The body says it’s lacking vitamins.

What are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency? Vitamins are important for the body. Because it is involved in various working systems Including strengthening the immune system to prevent the body from getting sick easily. But if it’s too much, it can cause harm. Therefore, there must be a balanced

Foods to cure “constipation” and ways to solve the problem

Constipation is a condition in which the body has abnormal bowel movements. Resulting in difficulty in defecating. Stool is large, hard, dry, and requires a lot of force to break. Therefore, people who suffer from constipation may have questions about what to eat if they are constipated to

8 ways to prevent RSV respiratory infections

Now, everywhere you turn, there are people infected with the RSV virus, especially young children. and the elderly What is this disease like? Is it more dangerous than the common cold? And what are the ways to prevent it? ยููฟ่าเบท What is RSV disease? RSV disease or respiratory

take medicine every time “Menstrual pain” is dangerous or not?

In general, menstrual pain usually occurs 1-2 days before menstruation. Or it may occur on the day of your period. which the occurrence of such symptoms Associated with the pro-inflammatory prostaglandin, which studies have shown in menstrual blood of women with menstrual pain Twice the amount of this substance in

Benefits from “liver”, superfood animal organs

Liver is another organ of animals that we like to consume. Whether it’s pork liver, chicken liver, beef liver, they can all be used to cook a variety of dishes. And not just delicious But the liver is also rich in various nutrients. Plus there are many health benefits that we

True or not, don’t take a shower after eating or exercising.

Who would believe that just taking a shower could become a big deal, harming our health without knowing it? Just that we choose to take a shower after eating. or exercise and actually taking a shower after eating or exercise Is it the correct belief ?  Is it true or not? Do not take

The hormone melatonin treats depression and insomnia.

In a stressful situation Stressed because of work, love, money, health or even various situations in the country may cause you to fall into depression Or the first symptoms are insomnia until they have to turn to sleeping pills. Which, of course, is not good for the body. But it helps to