True or not, don’t take a shower after eating or exercising.

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Who would believe that just taking a shower could become a big deal, harming our health without knowing it? Just that we choose to take a shower after eating. or exercise and actually taking a shower after eating or exercise Is it the correct belief 

Is it true or not? Do not take a shower after eating – exercising.

– Do not take a shower after eating.

Asst.Prof.Dr.M.L.Taya Kitiyakorn, Department of Internal Medicine Gastrointestinal and liver diseases Ramathibodi Hospital explains that the belief of this story comes from people saying that Taking a hot shower immediately after eating Blood may go to the skin. Rather than going down to help the digestive system in the stomach. or intestines to work at full efficiency Therefore, indigestion problems may arise. Indigestion, however, although taking a hot bath will cause more blood to nourish the skin, it’s true. But not so much that it causes digestive problems. ยููฟ่าเบท

So we can shower after eating as usual. If anyone has concerns You can choose to take at room temperature. instead of taking a hot bath or warm water

– Don’t shower after exercise.

while exercising Blood is pumped from the heart through the body. causing the body to generate heat And the hair follicles on the skin sweat out in an attempt to lower the body temperature. Thai traditional medicine head of Prana Clinic Kluaynamthai 1 Hospital provides information that if we take a cold after completing a new workout The blood vessels under the skin will immediately shrink. resulting in the body and the heart can’t adjust the temperature and weakening the efficiency of the immune system to the point that there is a risk of developing a fever or not feeling well