The hormone melatonin treats depression and insomnia.

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In a stressful situation Stressed because of work, love, money, health or even various situations in the country may cause you to fall into depression Or the first symptoms are insomnia until they have to turn to sleeping pills. Which, of course, is not good for the body. But it helps to adjust the hormone “melatonin” in the brain to work better. But how does the hormone melatonin help us sleep better? So what’s the best way to get this hormone to work actively? More effective, let’s read it closely.

What is melatonin? ufabet

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. while we were sleeping It has a duty to help stabilize our life clock or, in other words, help us sleep at the time we should sleep. and open our eyes to wake up at the time we should be awake

The hormone melatonin will start working from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM, we will start to feel a little sleepy. But if you continue to keep your eyes on the matter Melatonin will start gradually. Increasing more power during 02.00-04.00 hrs. After that, it will gradually reduce work until 07.00-08.00 hrs. which is the time when we should wake up

In addition, melatonin is activated in the dark. And will also be inhibited in light conditions. When we’re in the dark for a long time like a movie theater or planetarium So we’re worried.

benefits of melatonin hormone

1. Make us sleep well. and waking up for more time

For anyone who works or lead an abnormal life Sleep is not time such as those who have to work in shifts People who have to fly abroad often for a long time and cannot adjust their sleep time until they have jetlag symptoms or those who work late at night often. The hormone melatonin can help normalize your body clock. That is, sleepy when you should be asleep. And the eyes are bright when they should be awake.

2. Adjust the mood to normal. free from depression

Anyone who hasn’t slept not sleeping normally not enough rest inevitably affects the body system that gradually swirling one by one One of them is depressive mood. The hormone melatonin can help adjust the mood to return to normal. As can be seen from the people in the city with cold weather, dim light, lack of brightness and long nights. There is a chance to be in a state of depression more easily than people in tropical countries. the sun shines brightly and the day is longer