Reduce fat with traditional Thai science

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Reduce fat with Thai traditional medicine

Reducing fat is another health problem that has been around since the past until the present. Even in Thai traditional medicine textbooks There are also strategies for reducing fat with herbs. and Thai traditional medicine As for what to do? Let’s see together.

High blood fat Refers to a condition in which there is an abnormality in the metabolism of fat in the body. Having a blood lipid level higher than the appropriate level results in a risk of hardening of the arteries. and cause cardiovascular disease as a result It may also cause acute pancreatitis.

Causes of hypercholesterolemia include heredity, eating foods that are high in fat. especially animal fat Some endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, and some adrenal gland diseases certain types of liver disease Taking certain medications such as steroids, birth control pills, pregnancy, and drinking alcohol and lack of exercise. ยูฟ่าเบท

Thai traditional medicine teacher Phiphat recommends that “The fat must be removed first. If you don’t remove it, it won’t go away. Will it happen again? Because the body is kept under control by the drug, whenever the drug is stopped, the sugar rises as before. because the fat was not taken out The intestines are still dirty. The blood vessels are still dirty as usual and haven’t disappeared. The intestines must be cleaned. The lymphatic system will be good. Fat will not cover the liver and spleen”
for guidelines for treating high blood fat and high sugar using traditional Thai medicine. The patient does not have to take medicine for the rest of his life. There are 3 steps as follows.

3 steps to reduce fat

Step 1 Cleanse fat stains in the intestines.

There are many ways to get rid of fat in the blood vessels or in the intestines. Both eating food is medicine. Using herbal formulas to burn fat in the body and clear away fat stains in the intestines. There are many recipes such as Brahma Phaktra medicine, Maha Brahma Phaktra medicine. Yamahiddhi Maha Brahmabhakta Including colon cleansing or detox. According to the diagnosis of Thai traditional medicine

Step 2 nourish the body

After applying the medicine to cleanse the fat stains in the intestines. The next step is body tonic To restore the working system in The body’s balance is normal.

Step 3 Adjust behavior

To prevent it from happening again. Patients should refrain from smoking. Reduce fatty foods and sweets. Including having to change lifestyle behaviors such as exercising regularly.

Thai traditional medicine teacher Phiphat said that “I am in the field of modern medicine. who turned to study Thai traditional medicine Because of reaching a dead end with diabetes treatment Blood pressure and fat that current treatment cannot cure. Nowadays, there are more diabetic patients seeking treatment with Thai traditional medicine. It is treated with laxatives to expel fat first. Followed by placing appropriate maintenance medicine on the patient. along with advice on how to adjust behavior and how to eat But patients are rarely prohibited from eating, for example, durian. Thai traditional medicine says it has a sweet and hot taste. Patients who come for treatment can eat durian. But it is recommended to eat herbs that have a bitter taste. Sugar will not rise. Exercise regularly Therefore, the treatment results are satisfactory.